Turn your content into a revenue machine

I’m Tricia, and I help SaaS businesses, solopreneurs, and professionals in APAC grow through content strategy

Feeling stuck in making content?

Running out of ideas is no joke. Not getting ROI you want is even worse.

Your product or service is good, but the conversion rate is low.
You got the skills, but it takes months for you to get hired.

Stop feeling stuck today. Let’s make your content work for you.

Make your content work for you

If you’re not making the right kind of progress with your content, I can help you. I can teach you content strategies that turn your SaaS product or professional skillsets into revenue machines.

Grow with Blue Salmon Solutions

Blue Salmon Solutions is my Growth Studio, where I help people and products grow through content strategy.

Blue Salmon Solutions

Content Ideation and Management

Don’t have enough time or resources to create your content? I can manage, produce, and syndicate your content with my proprietary system.

Blue Salmon Solutions

Product Content Strategy

Having trouble converting or retaining users in your product? I can work with your Product Manager or UX Team Lead in creating your content strategy, from your UX Content to your Go-To-Market Assets.

Blue Salmon Solutions

Plan your Content Career

Feeling overwhelmed by all the advice you get? Whether you’re a UX Writer or Copywriter, I can help jumpstart your career with a personalized career plan.

Are we a good match?

If you’re not sure yet, we can find it out together.

How I helped them

Filipino Remote Copywriters

Meet your future colleagues and clients

Looking for a safe space to network and find jobs? Join our growing community, Filipino Remote Copywriters.

Filipino Remote Copywriters

Make great connections

Meet people you’d actually like and respect. We screen our members and curate their posts. Expect high-quality posts from our community members and experts.
Filipino Remote Copywriters

Find your next job

We highly value transparency. That’s why we made sure to approve only those job posts that disclose their salaries and hourly rates.

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My community can help your product or service grow.

I'm Tricia

I founded Filipino Remote Copywriters, a community for Filipinos all across the globe and Blue Salmon Solutions, a Growth Studio in APAC.

Before this, I have worked as a freelance remote copywriter and UX Writer in various niches, helping businesses in PH and APAC.

I love horror movies, mocha coffee, and my three rescue cats.

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